Get 100 Credits Bonus on Registration.


  • How to register yourself on the Hummingbird application?
    The registration process is extremely simple for the application. After the installation is complete, click open the app and then tap on the option that shows 'Not a member? Register' and then fill up the necessary details like Name, Mobile Number, and Email Address. Click on 'Generate OTP' and you will receive an OTP message, put the right number and click on 'Submit'. The application will redirect you to the main interface where you can start scheduling your work.
  • How can you set a schedule in the Hummingbird application?
    When you complete your registration or just log into the application, you will find a home interface that displays 'Schedule Message' at the top. Tap on it and it will redirect you to the next page. Here fill up some information such as the name/mobile number of the recipient, their email address, and then put the date and time of when you want to send the message. Then write a good message inside the message box, select a template of your choice, add attachments (if you have any) and tap on the arrow key beside it to create a scheduled message.
  • How to create a group schedule message?
    Before scheduling a group message, you have to create a group first. Log in to the app, then tap the menu on the bottom left side corner, or swipe right to open the menu tab. Click on the group option and then on the next page, tap on 'Add Group' in the top right corner and add participants. Give a name to the group and then tap on 'Create Group'. Your group will be created. Now do the same thing as you did for scheduling a meeting, except this time, in the 'To' section, click on the '+' sign and tap the group that you want to schedule messages for. Then follow the rest of the step and your group schedule message will be set.
  • Are Hummingbird services affordable?
    When you register for Hummingbird, it gives 100 credits as a Registration bonus. As for general pricing over-view, Hummingbird services are pretty affordable. They offer 20 credits for ₹ 1 and thus the plans are as follows. You can start with as low as ₹ 50 which gives you 100 credits, to as high as ₹ 500 which gives you 10,000 credits.
  • Does Hummingbird support multiple formats?
    Once you download the Hummingbird mobile application you can get access to all the things that it is capable of. You have all the scheduling options right in one place and you can send messages or emails in various formats such as video, images, audio, etc.
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