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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The Privacy Policy of Humming Bird Messenger Inc (“Humming Bird”) contains the guidelines regarding the usage and protection of the personal data provided to us directly by you or obtained by us through the use of our cloud-based messaging services. Concerning this Privacy Policy, the words ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to Humming Bird, and ‘you’ refers to the user of the services provided by our company.

Privacy Principles

There are two primary principles followed by Humming Bird concerning the collection and processing of private data:

  • The data is not used in any way to divert adverts to your side.
  • We only save data that enables us to enhance the features and security of our messaging service.
Terms of Service

This privacy policy is the part of our complete Terms of Service which states the different terms under which the user can obtain our services and must be read carefully.

Table of Contents

The privacy policy describes the following things:

  • Legal grounds for processing your private data
  • The type of private data collected from you
  • Measures to keep your personal data safe
  • Processing your private data
  • Third-party payment services
  • Where do we share your personal data
  • Your rights concerning the private data

Legal Grounds for Processing your Private Data

The processing of your personal data is executed to enhance the features and services provided by us and to investigate and prevent the security issues concerning our provision of services. The use of data for these purposes is allowed unless they conflict with your fundamental rights and freedom to protect your private data.

The Type of Private Data Collected from you

Account Data

Humming Bird is a messaging service and we ask for basic personal information to set up your account for the first time. This includes data like the name of the profile, profile picture and a bio containing your details.

E-mail Address

Your email address is used to generate a password recovery link to help you re-connect with your account. This feature is activated when you opt for a two-step verification process or store data using the Humming Bird Passport. We never use your email address for marketing or advertisement purposes.

Your Messages
Cloud Messages

Humming Bird provides cloud services that allow users to store photos, videos, messages and documents in our servers. This helps you to access the data from any device without depending on the backups of any third-party application. The data is stored in an encrypted format and the encryption keys are saved on separate servers to protect your data from intruders.

Personal Messages

Messages sent and received through our platform are end-to-end encrypted. This means that the data can be accessed only by the sender and the receiver. The information cannot be used without the encryption keys so it is impossible for us or other applications to use your messages. We do not keep a record or store your messages in our servers or the cloud. This ensures security and protection of your secret messages and data.

Media Messages

The photos, videos and other media files sent by you through our messaging services are encrypted with a separate key which is unknown to everyone except you and the receiver. The message is then encrypted again on the receiver’s end to decipher the text which allows you to access the data. The information through these messages is stored in our servers without an encryption key which makes it impossible for us or any external party to use the data.

Contacts and Phone Numbers

Humming Bird asks for your phone number while setting up the account to make it easier for you to switch from SMS or other messaging services using phone numbers as an identifier. We sync your contacts regularly and keep them updated in our database to notify you about the entry of a new user from your contacts and ensure stable networking. We gain access to the names and phone numbers from your contact list and all the other details remain out of bounds.


Humming Bird only uses cookies that enable us to provide our services and operate on the web. We do not employ cookies for marketing or advertising purposes. The browser where you operate will ask your permission before giving access to these cookies. You have the option to accept or remove the cookies based on your preference but keep in mind, if you reject the cookies, humming bird will be unable to operate on the web for you.

Measures to Keep your Personal Data Safe

Storing the Data

The data acquired from customers are stored in data centers located in different places depending on the server you are in. These data centers are provided by third parties and we take the space under a lease agreement. But the servers and networks placed inside the data centers are owned and operated by Humming Bird. The third-party has no right over the data which is stored in an encrypted format. This prevents the local engineers and intruders to access your data.

End-to-End Encryption

The data and information including messages, photos, videos and other files that you send and receive via Humming Bird are end-to-end encrypted. The data cannot be processed by anyone other than the sender and the receiver. This ensures the safety and security of the sensitive information provided by you. The personal data is stored in an encrypted format with the key stored separately to prevent physical intruders from gaining access to your messages. This data cannot be processed by our team either as we do not store the encryption key which is necessary to decipher the text.


The private data provided by you is stored by us for a certain duration of time until the specifications are met to enhance the provision of our services and features. This statement stands true unless mentioned otherwise in some part of the privacy policy.

Processing your Private Data

Services Provided by us

We provide a cloud messaging service. The data acquired from you is processed and delivered to the cloud chats to help you access the messages, photos, videos and documents from anywhere using any device. This allows you to use information more effectively without any third-party cloud network.

Safety and Security

Our company serves large communities and has millions of users worldwide. It is our duty to protect you against spams, abuses and violations of Terms of Services. To provide better security to the users, we collect meta data like your IP address, device information and username changes. This data can be stored by us for 12 months which helps us to improve the safety and security in our applications.

Preventing Spam and Abuse

Humming Bird has strict policies against phishing, spamming, abuses and other violations of the Terms of Services. The moderators assigned by us can periodically check messages or texts reported to them by the receiver. If the message turns out to be spam or abuse, your account can be restrained from contacting strangers either temporarily or permanently depending on the severity and frequency of reports. The moderators can also ban your account in case of serious violations. In order to prevent spams and abuses, we add certain algorithms to our cloud network which keeps a check on the same.

Cross-Device Functions

We collect and use aggregated meta data to develop features and services that function over multi-devices. See section- 5.5 below for more information.

Advanced Features and Services

Humming Bird may store and use some of the aggregated meta data regarding your usage of the applications to create enhanced features and services. For example, we show the frequently contacted accounts by you on the top of the screen to offer greater convenience. We devised an algorithm to create a rating based on the people you contact regularly which helps us to offer the service. You can turn this feature off by following the steps. Go to Settings - Privacy & Security - Data Settings - Disable “Suggest Frequent Contacts”. This will also clear all the concerned data stored in our servers.

Zero Ads

We do not use your stored data for commercial purposes like advertising and marketing. The only usage of data is to enhance the services and features offered by our applications.

Third-Party Payment Services

Payment Information

Humming Bird does not process payment information directly from the users, rather takes the assistance of payment providers worldwide. These payment providers are responsible for handling and storage of your payment details but neither us nor these third party merchants have access to this data. We work with independent payment merchants, so it is recommended for you to review their individual privacy policies before entering your data.

Credit Card Details

At the time of making a payment, you enter your credit card information on a page created by the payment providers. This data is collected and stored in the payment provider’s servers only. We do not have access to your credit card or other payment details. The payment providers give us a token in exchange for your payment that can be redeemed in the future. Recreation of credit card credentials from this token is next to impossible.

Payment Disputes

All disputes arising due to payment issues are dealt with the bot developers, payment providers and the respective banks involved in the transaction. As the payment information is not stored in Humming Bird’s servers, the cashback and payment complaints cannot be handled by us.

Where do we Share your Personal Data

Humming Bird Users

We share your data and information with other Humming Bird users with whom you choose to communicate and share messages. By entering into the Terms of Services and starting communication with another user, you are permitting us to share your personal data in the form of texts or photos to those users. We provide encryption services to maintain the safety and security of your data as much as we can.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Humming Bird will share your personal information like IP address and phone number to the relevant legal authorities if we receive a court order stating that you are a suspect in an ongoing terrorist investigation.

Your Rights Concerning the Private Data you Share with Us

The Data Protection Legislation entitles you to certain rights regarding your personal data which are valid under certain circumstances. You have a right to:

  • Request a copy of all your private data stored by us and forward the same to another data controller.
  • Remove or amend your personal data depending on your preference.
  • Restrict the processing of some private information by us.
  • Correct any flawed or incomplete personal data stored by us.
  • File a complaint against the use of your private data with the National Data Protection Authorities.

Deleting Data

Your Account

In order to remove your account from Humming Bird’s servers, you need to enter the deactivation page. Deleting your account will lead to the removal of all your private data like messages, photos, videos and other documents from our cloud. The page asks for your confirmation and once executed; this action cannot be undone.

  • In private chats, you can delete your message which will lead to the removal of the same from the receiver’s server too.
  • In cloud chats, the messages can be deleted from all the users involved if action is taken within 48 hours. After that, the text will be removed only from your end and a copy of the message will reside in the receiver’s server until he decides to delete it too.
  • In the Humming Bird Version 5.5, the users can delete messages from private chats for both sides irrespective of being a sender or receiver. There is also a provision to clear the entire chat which will remove all the messages stored in the history, but a few of the old texts are retained sometimes.
  • In supergroups and channels, deleting a message will lead to its removal for all the participants of the group. The deleted texts and original version of an edited message are stored for a period of 48 hours after deletion to be presented in the admins log.
Self-Destructing Messages

There is a provision to command self-destruction of messages in Messagescan. Such messaged start the self-destruct countdown as soon as they are read by the recipient. Both the devices involved in a secret chat are instructed to remove the message from the chat box and the server as soon as the timer finishes. Media files like videos sent with a short-timer offer only blurred previews and the timer for the countdown starts when the video is played.

Self-Destruction of Accounts

Your account will get deleted if you stop using Humming Birds and there is no online activity on your side for at least 6 months. When this happens, your account will enter the self-destruct mode and remove all the data stored by us including the messages and media files. This period can be altered in the setting to suit your choice.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

We review this Privacy Policy from time-to-time in order to keep it updated. The changes made to the policy will be effective as soon as the revised privacy policy is uploaded on this page Significant changes made to the policy will be notified to you via Humming Bird. You can also look at our website to enquire about any changes made to the Privacy Policy.

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